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Site: St Michael
Denomination: Church of England
Type: Church
Period: 14th Century

Features: Brasses, Coat of arms, Lychgate, Monuments

Location: 1 mile SE of Maidenhead off the A308

Opening Times: Open during the summer months (volunteers permitting). The outer doors are open during the day and the inside of the church may be viewed through the glass porch. Suggest prior telephone call


This is a largely 14th-century church with a fine collection of monuments and brasses reflecting the church links of the more affluent members of the community, including a wall monument in the chancel to William Goddard, the founder of the local Jesus Hospital (q.v.). There are carved stone heads, including one of Bishop Samuel Wilberforce, who in 1860 famously debated evolution in a public meeting in Oxford with T.H. Huxley, and there is a handsomely made coat of arms. The church has an excellent 15th-century lychgate.

Address: High Street, Bray, Berkshire, SL6 2UB
Phone Number: 01628 633113

E-mail: vicar@cowles.globalnet.co.uk

Rating: ***

Open: 4

Website: www.braystmichael.co.uk