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    5 Open for long periods, or key readily available
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Site: St James
Denomination: Church of England, but now redundant
Type: Church
Period: Norman, 15th Century, 17th Century

Features: Benches, Box pews, Chancel arch, Coat of arms, Interior painted white, Pulpit, Rector's and clerk's pews, Roofs, Wall paintings

Location: 9 miles S of Bristol off the A37.


This is an 11th-century church rebuilt in the 15th century. The interior is painted white, with a 12th-century interlaced rope decorated chancel arch, a fine early 17th-century pulpit with octagonal tester, and rector’s and clerk’s pews of the same period. There is a fine wagon-roof, wall paintings from as early as the 12th century, and the Commandments inscribed over the chancel arch. There are wall paintings of St Christopher, but with only some fish and crabs visible, some masonry pattern, fictive textile, and the remains of an indecipherable scene with armour and a horse on the N wall; there is heraldry and an arms of England on the N side of the inner wall of the chancel arch; with the arms of de Clare, Earls of Gloucester, on the S wall. There are box pews for named people, and wooden benches for others.

Address: Temple Cloud, Cameley, Somerset, BS39 5AH
Rating: ***

Open: 3